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Sept 15th, 2006

Contact: Petr Malư
Company: BrineSoft
Title: Chief Executive Officer

New BrineSoft Batch Text Replacer ver. 2.3 to Ease Life of Programmers, Web Designers and Network Administrators.

BrineSoft company announced today the release of its Batch Text Replacer, the latest version of the universal, easy-to-use tool to replace strings and text blocks in multiple files.

Batch Text Replacer is a small tool capable of fast and reliable replacing in files coded in Ansi, UTF-8, Unicode and Unicode (big endian). It can replace strings in whatever text-based file such as
*.txt, *.csv, *.htm, *.xml, *.asp, *.cpp, *.h, *.dpr, *.pas, *.vbs, *.js, and similar. It can replace not only single strings (words) but also the whole phrases (blocks of text) that include new line characters and other white spaces.
For its white-space normalization feature it is particularly useful for programming and scripting source codes.
To replace multiple occurences of similar strings wildcards can be employed. One-character wildcard (such as ?) can be used to match just one character while multi-character wildcard (such as *) can be used to match one or more sequential characters.

BrineSoft Batch Text Replacer is available for Windows 95/98/2000/2003/NT4/XP and costs $29 (USD) for a personal use and $49 (USD) for a business use. Registered users are entitled to the fully-functional version, free updates and technical support.

About BrineSoft Company
Founded in 1997, BrineSoft is a software development company focused on developing, publishing and distributing software tools for PC platforms. For more information on our products, visit them at

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