Mr Hyde

Current version: 1.0, Last update: 2. 5. 2006, Price: freeware, o/s: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Screenshot, Online help, Download Setup_MrHyde1.exe
Click here to view screenshot of Mr Hyde Is your boss wandering around? Is he breathing down your neck?
Hide all objectionable windows on your Desktop on one secret hotkey!

Do you see him leaving?
Press the hotkey once again to continue seamlessly in your important activity.

BrineSoft Mr Hyde - the small utility that you missed so badly.

Mr Hyde hides all the specified windows on your Desktop on a user-defined hotkey.

It doesn't terminate any applications. It just sets the visility flag of the windows. Therefore, if the hotkey is pressed once again, all returns to the previous state and it is possible to continue seamlessly in work.

Mr Hyde can be started automatically with Windows. No shortcut on your Desktop, no shortcut in the Windows Start Menu, no shortcut in the Startup folder. No icon in the System Tray. Very little footprint in the system. Mr Hyde is discreete.