Log Viewer

Current version: 2.1, Last update: 24. 8. 2009, Price: Personal: $19.95, Business: $39.95, o/s: Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Screenshot, Online help, Download Setup_LogViewer2.exe
Click here to view screenshot of Log Viewer Displays a log of any kind in the real time, without a need to re-open the file in a text editor again and again. Supports Ansi, UTF-8 and Unicode.
Displays more log files in the same viewer at a time.
Enables to define three groups of log lines, filter them and display in different colors.
Opens and closes log files automatically in dependency on their file date/time stamp or the file name.
Supports widely command line options.
Enables to invert order of lines (last entries at the top of list).

BrineSoft Log Viewer - let it open the log files automatically for you.

Most applications create one log per day. Instead of opening a different file each day again and again tell Log Viewer to open the today's logs automatically for you.

Define in what you are interesting in the log and split it into three user groups. Display these three groups in different colors, or filter them.

If you build an automation system make use of huge number of command lines options and switches of Log Viewer.