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Menu File


Script - Creates a new script. If more languages are allowed in the workspace settings, the user is given a choice.

Project - Creates a basic skeleton for a project, adding the root <package> element and <job> element.

Project (Wizard) - Creates a basic skeleton for a project, adding the root <package> element, <job> element, and optinally elements like <comment>, <resource>, <runtime>, <object> and <script>.

Open... - Opens an existing file, either a project (*.wsf) or a script (*.vbs, *.js, ...).

Open Script From... - Displays lists of script files to open. It shows also names of all shared scripts from all Workspaces.

Save - Saves the file that is currently selected in the editor.

Save As... - Saves the currently selected file under a different name.

Save All - Saves all the files open in the editor and modified.

Close - Closes the currently selected file.

Close All - Closes all the open files.

Create Windows Shortcut - Creates a Windows shortcut to the currently selected project or script. The shortcuts executes the file by Windows Script Host.

(Files history) - List of files that were recently open.

Exit - Terminates Script Editor. Editor can't be terminated when a script is being executed by the Script Control. Processes executed by Windows Script Host will continue to run after Editor is terminated.


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