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The dialog enables to search in the currently open project or script and replace found strings.


Select this tab if you need only to search for strings. Fill in the searched string in Find what. Click Find button to start searching.


Select this tab if you need to search for strings and replace them. Fill in the searched string in Find what. Fill in the string for the replacement in Replace with. Click Replace All button to start searching.


Case sensitive
When selected the strings must match also in the case.

Whole word
When selected the string must be found as a whole word. If the string is only a sub-string of another string the occurence is disregarded.

From cursor
Entire scope
Determines whether the searching start at the first character in the editor or at the current position of the cursor.

Prompt for each replacement
When selected the user is prompted before each replacement is made. Otherwise, all replacements are made at a time.

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