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File ScriptEditor.xml

The file defines the scripting languages in use. To add another scripting language, or to modify the existing ones, edit the file.
There are two blocks <Language name ="name_of_the_language"> in it, one for VBScript and one for JScript. To add another langugage add such a block into the xml structure.

How Script Editor uses ScriptEditor.xml file
When Script Editor is started it searches for the file ScriptEditor.xml in the directory where ScriptEditor.exe file is. If the file is found it is loaded and used. It the file is not found the hard-coded defaults are used instead. Therefore if there is no need to modify the languages definition the file can be deleted.

How to get rid of modified ScriptEditor.xml file
If you modified the file ScriptEditor.xml but you don't want to keep it any more as an extra file, copy it to ScriptEditor.exe file:

type on the command line:
copy /b ScriptEditor.exe + ScriptEditor.xml ScriptEditor.exe

This will add the xml file at the end of the binary file. You can even repeat the process because the xml definition is searched for from the end of the binary file and therefore the definition that was added as the last one will be used.

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