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It is possible to replace more strings at a time. For this purpose there is the list of search/replace strings. Keep in mind that the strings can be multi-line. This is expecially useful in combination with Normalize white spaces option for working with block-oriented texts like scripts, source codes or XML.


  • Case-sensitive - when checked the case of characters must match.
  • Normalize white spaces - when selected, the white spaces are normalized in order the strings or blocks of a text with the same semantic can be found. More in Normalize White Spaces
  • Ignore white spaces - when selected all the white spaces are ignored during the searching. More in Ignore White Spaces.
  • Whole words only - when checked, the string that is searched for must be enclosed from both sides by a white space, a beginning or an end of the line, or a beginning or an end of the file.
  • Wildcards


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