Current version: 3.3, Last update: 27. 12. 2011, Price: Personal: $59.00, Business: $149.00, o/s: Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista, Screenshot, Download Setup_Eventcorder3.exe
Click here to view screenshot of Eventcorder Record any user activity, save it to a macro (*.xml) and play it back to repeat the mouse and keyboard events exactly.

Make use of automatic or forced Clickviews (small screenshots) to achive a reliable and synchronized playback. Let Eventcorder re-focus windows which the events were recorded for.

Insert special commands (TYPE TEXT, NOTIFY, EXPLAIN, PAUSE, SCREENSHOT, ...) into the stream of recorded events to execute special extra actions during the playback.

Employ Eventcorder COM object to embed Eventcorder's functionality into your application.

Simple automation
Just record a sequence of keystrokes and mouse clicks and play it back.

Complex automation
Script around the playbacks with the popular and easy-to-learn VBScript.

Automated software testing
Utilize a set of OLE objects specialized for software testing. Compare screenshots, elapsed times, etc.

Random software testing
Repeat exactly the sequence of keystrokes and mouse clicks that lead to a problem in the application during the software testing.

Web testing
Test web pages as if a user would operate it. Execute the web testing repeatedly. Compare results.

Performance benchmarking
Measure the time elapsed during the playback. Compare the results.

Data input automation
Read data from a text or CSV file and input them to another application or a WEB form (TYPE TEXT commands).

Self-running presentations
Demonstrate your application or product with a self-running presentation (EXPLAIN commands).


We have 6 Eventcorder systems running 24 hours per day, 7 days per week looping through various functions of our most vital production application. Because of Eventcorder's unique ability to react logically to slightly different screen "looks" we have been able to gather performance measurements from our application even when running in Microsoft Terminal Server sessions. During each loop of a script, measurements are taken for how long various functions take. With Eventcorder's WaitForSpot function (which allows for creative and reliable implementation) we can expect our robots to run thousands of times against unpredictable production data and still keep running. We have Eventcorder send it's performance measurement data into the Windows Event Log where it's picked up by a NT Syslog driver, sent to a syslog server, where the data is sorted and inserted into a MS SQL database. From the SQL database, we have MRTG (the multi router traffic grapher) querying the data and graphing it. So all 6 robot PCs running Eventcorder are fully automated with central data collection and respository. We have a team of people who react daily to the measurement data that Eventcorder provides. Huge success story for Eventcorder. We could have bought any tool... Eventcorder was the only one with the sophistication needed for 24x7x365 reliability and the unheard-of ability to repeatedly measure Windows terminal server applications.
Sheldon Hage, June 17th, 2004

Used Eventcorder to captured the web interface to Cicso ACS, and then wrote a simple E-Scripter script which drove the web interface and added all the users to the RADIUS so that they would have VPN access. Even with timing problems, this was completed, coding and all, in less than a week. The company had planned on hiring someone for what was estimated to be 6 weeks of work to do this manually. It was not necessary using Eventcorder/E-Scripter and as a bonus, it was done 100% accurately as there was no human error involved. Added a subset of those VPN users to the "Bell Nexxia" remote access service (RAS). Eventcorder captured a model of the web interface, then wrote a simple E-Scripter script which drove the web interface and added all the users in less than a week. This would have been a painful process if it had to be done by hand and considering the number of variables. As it was the table which drove this was a simple text extract from an original Excel spreadsheet. The logic in the script did all of the work. Beautiful. As it was, even with incredibly slow response time, this was accomplished, error free, in less than a week.
Mark Eickhoff, October 28th, 2003